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Dr Demetrios Zamboglou: Global financial market insights from Los Angeles

01/12/2021 12:52

Cyprus and Greece part of a wider agenda in Milken Institute’s Global Conference

World leaders in finance, economy and technology came together in Los Angeles to participate in the prestigious Milken Institute’s Global Conference. Among the distinguished guests, proudly representing Cyprus, was young entrepreneur Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou.

I'm deeply honoured for the opportunity to attend. Milken’s event wasn’t just another conference”, Dr. Zamboglou noted. Besides the valuable insights shared during the panels, attendees had the opportunity to engage in conversations and participate in cultural events, from pop art exhibition to hiking at the Runyon Canyon, creating a true bonding experience.

During the conference, the Cypriot entrepreneur attended various panels focusing on his field of expertise like trading, blockchain, sports promotion and Artificial Intelligence (AI), gaining valuable insights from current and future business leaders.

Insights from crypto and trading industry

According to the experts, trading commissions are now at their lowest levels in history, while traditional stocks have been made more accessible for retail traders via fractionalisation. In parallel, digitisation has bridged the gap between institutional and retail traders/investors, to the point of ubiquity.

“I have always been fascinated by trading, and the idea that one only needs their mobile phone to access the global markets is both liberating and opportunistic. Nowadays, because of advancing technology, anyone can access the markets from their mobile phone. Whether you want to trade equities, commodities, cryptos or anything else, it is now all possible at the touch of a button”, Dr. Zamboglou noted.

Another interesting topic was the social aspect of trading and the network effect. Dr. Zamboglou commented that without any prior knowledge of finance, traders can emulate other traders by conducting passive trades based on trackable performance over time. Such activity can grow exponentially, and traders can increase their positions based on the network effect.

Moreover, the crypto market is flourishing and fulfilling its early promise of delivering powerful functionality for everyone. The ability to exchange cryptos for financial assets and to convert/trade with Defi (Decentralised Finance) without human interactions is just one of many notable milestones in cryptocurrency development.

References of Cyprus by renowned business leaders

Cyprus and Greece were not discussed as an individual topic, but both were part of a broader agenda relating to company acquisitions, regulations and assisting suitable businesses in need of restructuring. Cyprus was mentioned also in topics referring to buying non-performing loans, supply chain constraints, and investing in the healthcare industry.

The attendees supported that both Cyprus and Greece are international investment destinations, but investments primarily rely upon the quality of management and investor confidence in their ability to deliver amiable returns; and they agree that Cyprus has still a long way to go on that part.

Milken Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan think tank that supports small groups of ambitious, curious, and motivated young leaders who aspire towards changing the world for the better. Milken’s Young Leaders Circle selects from the world’s best and the brightest professionals aged 25-40, from a diverse set of industries. Close to 300 members are located in Los Angeles, New York, London, Singapore and the MEA regions and who are actively involved in programs, research and networking events. Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou joined the London chapter following an invitation last March.

Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Credit Financier Invest (CFI) group. Despite his many crypto-related roles and the young of his age, Dr. Zamboglou is a veteran in global financial markets with over a decade’s experience in trading, risk management and operations.