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Epic greens an area of Ayia Napa and contributes to the environmental upgrading of the region

20/03/2023 10:30

Epic, true to its commitment to green growth and respect for the environment, has proceeded, in collaboration with the Department of Forests and the Cyprus Forest Association, with the planting of 200 saplings in an area of Ayia Napa.

On Wednesday, February 22, volunteers from all departments of the company, put their work aside for a while and participated vastly in the tree planting of a degraded area in Ayia Napa. Their purpose is their own contribution to the reforestation of the  area and the creation of a new small forest that will significantly improve biodiversity, protect adjacent human activities,  and it will beautify the area.

Epic CEO Thanos Chronopoulos noted that with every tree we plant, we are one step closer to saving our planet, also emphasizing that: " Effectively addressing the risk of climate change is something that concerns us all, both collectively and individually. At Epic, fully assuming our role, we are reducing our ecological footprint by applying green energy technologies, while at the same time developing appropriate synergies and actions that support collective efforts, such as this particular afforestation."

Environmental protection is at the top of the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) agenda of Epic that wishes to play a significant role in actions that will accelerate the changes needed to reverse climate change, and bequeath a better planet to future generations. In this context, Epic has embedded ESG in all its activities –in its internal processes, in its products and services– as Sustainable Development is part of the everyday life of every modern and competitive company.

An important pillar of Epic’s ESG actions is the adoption of hybrid systems for the power supply of its Mobile Telephony Base Stations, with the aim of reducing fuel and promoting renewable energy sources. The hybrid system used by Epic combines the technology of using renewable energy (photovoltaic systems) with energy storage technology (state-of-the-art battery system). With its investment in renewable energy for the power supply of its Mobile Telephony Base Stations, Epic has achieved a reduction in emissions of more than 70%. The company’s long-term goal is to wean itself off oil usage and replace it with green energy.

Envisioning a greener future with greater respect for the planet, Epic will continue with the same environmental sensitivity to be at the forefront of green developments.