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Executive Development Programme (EDP), “The mini MBA”: a unique training opportunity for middle-level managers

03/02/2011 10:20
Managers and supervisors are the back-bone of every organization – being competent and productive managers is essential for both the individuals’ development and for the success of their companies. To help individuals and companies in their effort, the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) has developed the Executive Development Programme (EDP) specifically designed for the busy, middle-level managers whose positions may not permit them to study for an MBA.

The EDP is a “mini-MBA”, with a practical bent, that aims to provide the skills that are essential for managers to be effective and efficient in their role as managers of teams, units, branches or departments.

The EDP is taught by distinguished professors from around the world and offers the opportunity to customize a programme to meet the needs of the individual – choose eight out of eleven subjects to complete the programme - Communication Skills, Customer Service, Proactive Conflict Management, Managing People Successfully, Influencing Skills, Contemporary Marketing Practices, Time Management, Project Management, Finance & Accounting for non-Financial Managers, Strategic Planning and Personal and Professional Development.

The EDP is designed for mid-level managers, newly appointed managers as well as those anticipating a move to a management position; they will have the opportunity to learn successful practices in managing people and handing on-the-job challengers or merely refresh their skills and learn new practices.

The EDP consists of eight sessions of one day each that will be held from February to June 2011. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact CIIM’s Executive Education team at 22462246 or email [email protected].