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Hellenic Bank and Majestic carry on giving new meaning to patients' lives

30/06/2022 11:04

Hellenic Bank remains a pioneer even in regard to its Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting special causes just as the Non-Governmental Organisation Majestic and the "Miniature Horse Therapy" program for the third consecutive year, under the wider ESG strategy. 

The program offers the Horse Healing (or so called Equine Assisted Therapy) free of charge for children and adults with physical disabilities and mental disorders. As part of the treatment, the trained miniature horses, Ellen & Mini, enter hospital units, special schools and shelters for the elderly, giving a new meaning to the patients’ lives.

Our goal is to give a new meaning and motivation to those who are hospitalized or are going through difficulties, in order to continue their efforts. To this beautiful and different healing team a new member was recently added, since Ellen gave birth to an adorable little horse.

The NGO Majestic also has the strong support of the Hellenic Bank Volunteer Team. As part of the #HBVolunteersChallenge, the staff with multifaceted and organized actions supported the Majestic Horse Therapy program for various treatments to children with financial difficulties.

The physiotherapist, Hippotherapy trainer and president of the NGO Majestic, Michalis Kouspis, started the NGO’s action in 2016, aiming to offer through a different and innovative way of treatment to the society. As he emphasizes: The Animal Assistant Therapy program is now established at the special schools of Cyprus. Mini and Ellen, the pony-therapists, give sensory stimuli to the children who need it, and at the same time, through the experiential workshops, help them to work with teamwork, empathy and with great joy. Mini and Ellen have the power to give power!