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Hellenic Life introduces Smart Plan

14/01/2022 09:23
  • An Insurance Investment Plan offering its clients the option to invest the single premium.

Hellenic Life has rolled out Smart Plan, its new insurance investment plan offering customers the option to invest the single premium.

Smart Plan covers a variety of needs, as it simultaneously offers insurance, investment and savings. The plan is geared towards those seeking a medium-to-long-term return on their investment. You can make a single premium payment, benefit from a high investment allocation, and make withdrawals from the fund before policy maturity.

Customers may choose the duration of the policy, ranging from 10 to 40 years. The age of the insured at policy maturity must not exceed the80 years. Smart Plan also offers the possibility of investing in one or more Hellenic Life funds, depending on customers' risk appetite and their investment profile. At the same time, it offers policy holders tax exemptions up to 7% of the insured capital under the applicable tax legislation.

The plan is a unit-linked life insurance plan, with a single premium payment (€5,000 minimum), and allows policyholders to allocate the invested premium in one or more of the Company’s investment funds, but also to change investmen00t fund up to four times annually.

As a Member of the Hellenic Bank Group, Hellenic Life is growing, having invested heavily in state-of-the-art tech infrastructure as well as human capital. Boasting a solvency ratio consistently over 300% over the past few years - well above the 100% regulatory threshold - it is a reliable option for its customers, who now number more than 85,000. Sound and efficient risk management is key to Hellenic Life's progression.

Please note that this plan is linked to investment funds comprising of units of equal value and whose value fluctuates daily according to each fund's return on investment. As with all insurance policies that are linked to investments, the value of the assets may rise or fall, while past returns should not be construed as a guarantee of future returns.

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