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Honourary award for Royal Crown Insurance

30/01/2015 09:49
«World Finance», the internationally acclaimed paper and internet magazine, reporting on capital markets, risk management, trading, technology, corporate governance issues and regional markets, has since 2007 been celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance in their annual awards. Its award programme provides a comprehensive analysis of the very best in each market.

The «Global Insurance Award 2014» for the best non-life Insurance Company in Cyprus has been awarded to Royal Crown Insurance, undoubtedly a great honour and reward for our company.

The criteria on which World Finance relied that led to this award for Royal Crown was the constant uninterrupted high quality services that were offered to our clients, amidst the unprecedented economic turmoil that Cyprus is facing, and the fact that RCI, a purely Cypriot private company directly affected by negative developmens in the financial sector, was not dejected, but became more determined, was taken into account by the international institution.

This recognition amounts to a justification for all our hard work and dedication to our clients this past year and a boost for further improvement of our products. Always focused on principles of integrity, good faith and correct risk assessment and acceptance practices, as well as fair claims compensation, our goal for 2015 is to maintain our position as one of the most serious and reliable non-life Insurance Companies in Cyprus.

We are sincerely grateful to World Finance magazine, thank all of our clients and associates for their trust and confidence, and renew our commitment to fulfill our corporate responsibilities and social role in the community.