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The importance of a reliable network

24/06/2020 13:53

Having a mobile network that ensures uninterrupted communication 24/7 is very important. Knowing that this network is the most modern in the Cypriot telecommunications market certainly changes the way we think, operate and communicate.

The Epic network is officially the "Best Mobile Network in Test" in Cyprus, according to umlaut, the internationally network measurements and testing company. The company's network was tested for 24 weeks (November 4, 2019 to April 19, 2020) and compared to its main competitors in the Cypriot market, Epic won the first place in:

  • Coverage Excellence - 4G Broadband focus, which is a comparative KPI rewarding wide and deep broadband offering,based on urban, sub-urban and rest of areas segments.
  • Time on Broadband. Based on end user experience having 4G device and plan. The category is rewarding individual good broadband offering through users’ “Time on 4G”
  • Fastest Speeds supporting HD (requiring 5Mbps and above). This category is rewarding how often users achieve speeds supporting popular services that require 5Mbps and above.
  • Ultra-Fastest Speeds supporting UHD Video (requiring 20 Mbps and above). This category is rewarding how often users achieve speeds supporting popular services that require 20Mbps and above.
  • Best OTT Voice Class (requiring latency of 100ms or less). This category is rewarding individual good performance in using over-the-top voice services, such as voice calls via Skype, WhatsApp and Viber.

Umlaut, which is recognized by more than 120 countries as the de facto model of the industry, tested the Epic network against its major competitors in the Cypriot market.

Umlaut’s benchmark methodology is focusing on user experience in every network. The results of the independent benchmarks are utilized from numerous major telecoms companies around the world such as Vodafone Group, Deutsche Telecom / T-Mobile (Group), Swisscom (Switzerland), Verizon (USA), EE (UK), and others to steadily improve the quality services in their network.

The continuous improvement of the services provided by Epic and this award from an internationally acclaimed company, lead to the conclusion that the company’s promise for a great network and greatvalue continues to be fulfilled. It is also a proof that the decision taken by the company to invest in the creation of a new network, amounting to more than 40 million euros, was in the right direction.

Epic is aiming high to seamless, fast internet access and uninterrupted communication. This requires great effort, development and innovation. It is now clear that Epic is marking to an increase of its share in the Cypriot market while, with the know-how and support of Monaco Telecom, the company can continue to play a leading role in telecommunications, gaining the trust of consumers with its reliable network.