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ISIS Clinic marks 2020 with high birth rates

22/01/2021 11:21

The global pandemic made 2020 a difficult and challenging year; however, ISIS clinic has managed to provide smiles and happiness to the new parents who welcomed their new members of their families.

In total, there were 580 deliveries at ISIS clinic in 2020, of which 80 were with the VBAC deliveries (normal delivery after caesarean section), a standard practice since our establishment. Also, 800 infertility treatments were performed of which 500 were IVF. We had 350 new births resulting from IVF this way surpassing a total of 2000 IVF babies born at the clinic.

Dr. Andreas Mavrides, gynaecologist- fertility specialist of ISIS clinic stated: "2020 was undoubtedly a year with many challenges andthe pandemic continues to affect the Cypriot society and the rest of the world. In this environment, our staff remained optimistic by offering outstanding service and results to future parents who welcomed or are expected to have new family members. Guided by the future parents, our clinic will continue to provide high quality services to the Cypriot society with the same zeal and determination".

With ISIS clinic achieving the highest pregnancy ratesin Cyprus for last year (80% success), the staff and doctors of the clinic welcomed the new year with more optimism and willingness to support future parents throughout the process of artificial insemination.

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