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Lidl Cyprus underlines its commitment to climate protection with its own climate strategy and ambitious climate targets

01/12/2021 17:20

On the road to a better tomorrow for Lidl Cyprus, climate protection is a priority

For Lidl Cyprus, sustainable actions are a key goal on the road to a better tomorrow. By developing a climate strategy and establishing a set of scientifically proven objectives based on the ‘Science Based Targets’ methodology, the company is consistently taking important steps towards climate protection. By doing so, Lidl Cyprus significantly contributes towards curbing the increase of the average global temperature to 1.5 °C, as provided for in the Paris Agreement.

In August 2020, the Schwarz Group joined the ‘Science Based Targets’ initiative on behalf of the entire group, which supports businesses in defining and implementing scientifically proven climate targets, which have now been formally validated by this initiative. As one of the largest food chains in the field of retail and under the umbrella of the Schwarz Group, Lidl Cyprus significantly contributes towards climate protection As part of the Schwarz Group and within the framework of its climate strategy, Lidl Cyprus has set specific goals and measures that initially aim to avoid, reduce and where it is not possible otherwise, to compensate for its CO2 emissions in its business activities as well as in its supply chain.

• By 2030, Lidl aims to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 80% in comparison to 2019, in all countries in which it is active.

• In addition, by the end of 2022, Lidl Cyprus aims to use green energy in all its facilities at 100%

• By doing so, it will become a climate neutral* company in 2022.

*Climate neutral for direct and indirect emissions, through certified compensation projects.

Most of Lidl 's carbon footprint is attributed to the production of its products, ie to the early stages of the value chain. The company therefore wants its suppliers to commit –those who are responsible for 75% of emissions related to products- to setting their own climate targets by 2026 and based on the methodology of the ‘Science Based Targets’ initiative.

In order to achieve its ambitious goals, Lidl Cyprus has developed a comprehensive action plan as part of its climate strategy, which have to do with the direct emissions generated within the company and influenced by it, as well as the indirect ones resulting from the energy consumption that the company supplies from external providers, as well as emissions that are related to the company’s business activity throughout the supply chain, as well as other stages of the production chain.

"Climate change requires action at all levels of society. By setting climate targets based on the methodology of the ‘Science Based Targets’ initiative, we are aligning our actions with current climate research. By doing so, we prove that climate protection is a task that we at Lidl take seriously and address in a sound manner. We want to set an example on issues related to climate protection, especially in our own operating facilities. We’re already achieving this by using energy in the most efficient way as well as paying more attention to renewable energy sources," says Spyros Kondylis, General Director of Lidl Cyprus.

Lidl Cyprus has already started the implementation of various measures to reduce its carbon footprint and as a first step, tried to analyse where most of its emissions come from. Because, on the road to a better tomorrow, climate protection for Lidl Cyprus is a priority. Learn more about the company's climate strategy and goals here.

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