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Listening to customer needs, Carrefour launches a new rewards plan!

13/09/2011 12:01
The consistent vision of the Carrefour hypermarkets is for consumers to enjoy a better quality of life every day.

Now, recognizing and understanding the needs of our customers, we proceed directly to an enhanced rewards plan, just as requested by consumers.

From 15 September to 15 December, in all Carrefour, Carrefour Express, and Carrefour Market stores, consumers will be able to exchange their points with free coupons for shopping in the food (groceries, beverages, cleaning agents, refrigerated products) and non-food (electrical, kitchen items, clothing, footwear, toys, fitness, travel goods, seasonal items) departments.

The old Carrefour gift card is repealed and consumers will soon be able to enjoy what they have asked of the Carrefour hypermarkets they have trusted for so many years.

For more information, please ask within the Carrefour hypermarkets.