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Make your house «Greener» with Hellenic Bank

04/07/2022 14:52
  • The first bank to reward your energy efficiency with a lower interest rate when buying a new home, as well as when upgrading the energy efficiency of your existing house!

Hellenic Bank leads the green transition and growth sector, by expanding its range of green lending products and introducing "Green Home”, its latest financing product.

Hellenic Bank is the first to offer its customers the opportunity to enjoy a discounted housing interest rate, by reducing their environmental footprint, not only when acquiring or building a new home, but also by renovating / upgrading the energy efficiency of their existing one.

The new "Green Home" product offers favourable housing loan pricing for the construction of an energy class A or B "green home", as well as for the renovation/energy upgrade of an existing home to an “A” or “B” energy rating. The Mortgage Loan is offered with a 0.15% discount on the interest rate for houses with “A” ratings and a discount 0.10% on the interest rate for houses with a “B” rating.

The loan amount can cover up to 80% of the main residence’s value and the remaining 20% can either be paid in cash by the buyer or financed by Hellenic Bank through a second mortgage. The maximum loan duration is 30 years.

By offering "green" loans, financing and guiding eco-friendly businesses, participating in environmental initiatives, as well as adopting environmentally friendly operating practices, Hellenic Bank supports sustainable development and is a key ambassador in the Green Economy transition.

More information can be found on Hellenic Bank’s website A meeting can be arranged through the “Book A Meeting” service for additional information

It is important to note that the discount on the mortgage interest rate is granted if the necessary certificates/documents are presented based on the Bank's internal procedures, while it is noted that the mortgage interest rate differs based on criteria evaluated and applied by Hellenic Bank.