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MAP Fin Tech and one Zero announce partnership to collaborate in research and development for integration of their systems

18/04/2019 11:45

Partnership will focus on common areas of regulatory reporting relating to EMIR, MIFID II/  IFIR and Best Execution solutions

MAP Financial Technologies Limited, (“MAP Fin Tech”) one of Europe’s leading regulatory technology providers to the financial services industry and one Zero Financial Systems (“one Zero”) a leading global wholesale enterprise trading solutions provider, are pleased to announce a research and development partnership that will focus on the integration of MAP Fin Tech’s reporting solution with one Zero’s Liquidity Hub.

One Zero empowers all brokerages, prime brokers and banks to accelerate their growth to compete effectively in the foreign exchange, equities, commodities, cryptocurrency and futures markets. They deliver the most reliable connectivity, technology, infrastructure and market access through a globally compliant, liquidity-neutral multi-asset solution.

MAP Fin Tech isthe Regulatory Technology arm of MAP S.Platis Group, a leading financial services advisory group in the EU. MAP Fin Tech has been a standard-setter in EMIR reporting for online brokers as well as one of the very first to have reported under EMIR on behalf of its clients. Since that time,

MAP Fin Tech has focused on developing fully-automated MIFID-II/MIFIR, FATCA, CRS, Best Execution Reporting and Monitoring solutions to complement its unique and successful EMIR reporting solution. The advanced reconciliation, validation and monitoring capabilities of its Polaris platform make it a very useful tool for regulated entities.

The respective emphasis of both one Zero and MAP Fin Tech on facilitating regulatory compliance through integration of their advanced technologies creates numerous advantages for clients such as the simplicity and speed during the on-boarding process, security, continuity and robustness of the reporting process, as well as cost effectiveness. The new joint partnership holds much promise both for current and prospective clients worldwide.

Andrew Ralich, CEO of one Zero, said:"Amidst an evolving regulatory landscape, we are excited to partner with MAP Fin Tech. Building on one Zero’s leading technology, we are supported by one of Europe’s principal financial services advisory groups.  Their principal services combined with one Zero’s industry leading data access utilities for brokers, will help our clients remain compliant and thrive amidst change.”

Panayiotis Omirou, CEO of MAP Fin Tech, added:“We are very pleased to be working together with one Zero to co-develop essential tools for the financial services industry. Beyond our individual efforts to provide the tools for our respective clients for them to comply efficiently and economically with the onerous financial regulatory requirements, we hope that via this joint R&D, we shall create a competitive advantage for our clients”.

About one Zero

One Zero’s proven high-performance trading environment supports foreign exchange, commodities, cryptocurrency, equities and futures, with reliable IT infrastructure and technical support for institutions to seamlessly distribute their liquidity to other end-customers. One Zero's Liquidity Hub is a highly customizable and scalable platform that enables clients to manage their trading book, customize liquidity pools and centrally manage risk and exposures across any size organization or business model. Over 200market participants connect through one Zero’s Eco System for unparalleled distribution and access to unique flow. A hosted, SaaS model delivers connectivity to major financial exchanges, banks and other wholesale venues across four self-managed, highly stable and ultra-low latency data centers in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. one Zero is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. For more information,

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About MAP Fin Tech

ΜΑΡ Financial Technologies Ltd (ΜΑΡ Fin Tech), is the technology arm of the leading EU financial services advisory and consultancy Group, MAP S. Platis. MAP Fin Tech is a long-trusted regulatory technology provider to the financial services industry with clients and associates worldwide. MAP Fin Tech technology enables its clients to meet complex financial sector regulatory obligations, such as EMIR, MiFID II/MiFIR, FATCA, CRS, where it includes effective and efficient solutions for Best Execution Monitoring and RTS 27/28 reporting. By utilising the firm’s proprietary technology, all reporting regimes go through one centralised fully automated processing machine, with a single, user-friendly web-interface portal, providing peace of mind and allowing clients to remain compliant at all times.  The firm’s technology is supported continuously by a dedicated and specialised support team with emphasis on compliance and risk management.

For more information, visit MAP FinTech and MAP S.Platis.

MAP Fin Tech Contact

Costantinos Malialis

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Cyprus: +357 25351335