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07/12/2022 13:22

Medicover Genetics welcomed journalists from the UK business and technology press and media at its state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Nicosia. The visit took place on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, as part of Invest Cyprus' initiative to promote investment opportunities in Cyprus. During the visit, the journalists toured the central laboratories and talked to the Company's management and scientific personnel. They had an opportunity to get an insight into the Company's operations, its improvement through the years and its evolution from a pioneering biotechnology start-up to a member of a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services company.

Medicover Genetics (formerly NIPD Genetics) is the first innovative biotechnology company in Cyprus and as such has had a significant contribution and impact on the country's economy paving the way for other biotechnology start-ups. Medicover Genetics is a shining example of a successful start-up in the field as, according to the Company's Chief Marketing Officer, Mrs. Pepa Tanousis, the company has secured significant competitive European and local grants and has attracted considerable foreign capital to Cyprus. Today, Medicover Genetics has registered 130 patents in 27 countries and offers an extensive portfolio of complex, proprietary non-invasive testing solutions like NIPT and Liquid Biopsy to the international market. In the presentation, Mrs. Tanousis focused on the innovative technology platform and bioinformatic solutions provided by the company, as well as on the work of the R&D team that continuously expands their fields of application while maintaining the same high reliability and fast turn-around time results. Mrs. Tanousis stated that vision, commitment, internationally recognized scientific expertise and an ecosystem that supports the development of cutting-edge technologies are the key parameters for Medicover Genetics’ success story over time.