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Nicosia Water Board: Paper water bills to be digitised as of 1 September 2022

21/09/2021 10:09

In approximately one year from today and as of 1 September 2022, the Nicosia Water Board will cease to send water bills by post to its customers.

As part of the digital upgrade of the Board, and at a time when e-billing is constantly gaining ground, the Board of Directors of the Nicosia Water Board has decided to digitise the paper bills currently posted to customers as of September 2022.

The biggest water supplier in Cyprus has already entered the digital era with new services for consumers, designed to make it easier for them to settle their bills and process other requests they may have.

Starting from September 2022, customers will receive their bill by email and text message (SMS) only, and can then settle it with just one click on their mobile or through the WBN Mobile Application (available for free download on the App Store and Play Store) or through the Board’s website,

It is understood that, other methods of payment (use of bank’s direct debit, at the bank, where this is applicable, or at the Board’s cash desk) will remain available to the public.

Digitisation and money savings

“We strive every day to ensure water quality and water saving, and we make efforts to harmonise the Board with the digital era, so our customers can receive prompt, easy and quick service,” notes the Director of the Nicosia Water Board, Constantinos Parmaklis.

“We have already performed a full upgrade on the call centre’s systems, with a 24-hour consumer service on a daily basis. Also, following the new developments aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19 and promoting social distancing, the WBN Mobile Application is available to the public, through which anyone can access their water bill and settle it easily and quickly.”

Updating your contact details is essential in order to receive e-bills According to Mr. Parmaklis, customers wishing to receive their bills via email must update their contact details over the coming year, that is, before paper bills cease to be issued. More specifically, all customers will receive official written notification of this by post, together with a QR code enabling them to update their contact details online or via the Board’s website. Alternatively, they can use a written form, which they should fill in and send to the Board, to enable their water bill to be digitised.

Those consumers who choose the written form to update their contact details can use the pre-paid postage envelope provided. They also have the choice to deliver the completed form to their nearest 84 Athalassas Avenue, 2012 Strovolos P.O. Box 21943, 1515 Nicosia Tel. 77771090, Fax: 22698200 Email: [email protected] Website: City Hall, by placing it in the Water Board box situated outside or, if they wish, they can submit it at the Board’s main offices, or even send it by email to [email protected] or by fax to 22698200.

Changing the water bill format is essential, according to Mr. Parmaklis, who also stresses that the money saved will be channelled to other essential projects of the water network, the ultimate objective being effective and consistent customer service, based on the new digital possibilities. In addition to the money saved, there will be significant reduction in environmental costs, i.e. pollution and paper waste. Also, precious time will be saved for consumers as well as for employees of the Water Board, while reducing the environmental impact of the final product and the carbon footprint of its operation.