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Parimatch Tech launches Hiring Week and makes an offer in four hours

26/11/2021 11:31

The company has broadened its horizons and now is looking for specialists from different countries.

International product holding company Parimatch Tech is once again launching a global talent acquisition initiative — Hiring Week. But this time, the geography has expanded; thus, the best specialists will be searched in five countries.

«Hiring Weeks are already becoming a good tradition for us. The previous initiative has helped us attract the best DevOps, Python, and .NET and increased brand awareness. Currently, Parimatch Tech is known in many countries, and we are happy to welcome specialists from all over the world to our international teams. There are no geographical boundaries for us. We research new locations and attract the best specialists to work in our company.», — emphasizes Renata Karpenko, Head of Talent Acquisition at Parimatch Tech.

This time, Parimatch Tech looks for DevOps and AQA (C#, JS, Java) of Middle seniority and above. From November 23 to December 7, everyone can send a CV on the Parimatch Tech website, go through an online interview, and, in case of a match, receive an offer within 4 hours.

«Parimatch Tech provides an opportunity to translate ideas and create a product, as well as implement technology initiatives of employees at the company level. Whether you are a Java automation evangelist, inspired by C# streams, or adept at handling asynchrony in JS, we will allow you to solve interesting challenges every day. For example, to prepare a Release Candidate in 15 minutes, run mobile automated tests on a farm of real devices, build and use the best Continuous Delivery Practices» — notes Sergey Podgorov, QA Manager / AQA Lead Parimatch Tech.

You can participate in Hiring Week by following the links: AQA, DevOps.