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Parimatch Tech: We are Humans!

05/04/2022 17:51

It’s been forty-one days since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Millions of people have been forced to leave their country and their homes in search of safety for them and their families.

At Parimatch Tech from the very first day of the war we are next to our colleagues, with their safety being our main concern.

We are still coming to the office because in that way we feel useful, because it is the only place where we can communicate with our colleagues in Ukraine and carry out the solidarity program that has been created to help the Ukrainian people through the collection of money and basic necessities.

Through this video, we become the voice of Parimatch Tech and we prove in practice that we are an Employer of Choice and that our values are not just words written on a piece of paper but they are the core of all our actions.

The elements of our effort are based on our values: ‘Family and Trust’, ‘Teamwork, Adaptive’, ‘Take Ownership’, ‘Clean Living’, ‘Selfless’ and ‘Brave’.

We help Ukrainians families to relocate. We offer basic necessities such as clothes, food and toys for the children. We look after those who need accommodation, medical assistance, psychological support, available day-care centres and nannies for the children.

We support the people affected by the war, our people. Our efforts will not be silenced. Because above all we are humans.