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Petrolina Electric enters the electricity supply market

27/01/2023 12:07
  • A reliable alternative for green energy at reduced cost, for commercial and industrial consumers

Petrolina Electric, with expertise driven by innovation in the energy sector, embraces the energy transition with determination and adjusts today to the energy needs of the future. The company has been active since 2022 and offers a reliable choice to commercial and industrial consumers, who aim to reduce their electricity costs.

As part of its sustainable development strategy, driven by Environmental, Social and Governance policies (ESG), Petrolina Electric supplies its customers with energy predominantly sourced from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). As a result, customers are offered the opportunity to reduce both their energy cost and their carbon footprint.

The company’s priority is to provide services at the highest quality, with smart solutions and a customer-centric approach. Once permitted by the energy market regulations, electricity will also be offered at competitive rates to residential consumers.

Petrolina Electric Ltd is fully licensed by the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) and the Transmission System Operator of Cyprus (TSOC) to participate in the electricity market.

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