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PwC adopts four-day work week for the summer months

27/05/2022 12:12

PwC will adopt a four-day work week for the months of July and August, as part of its ongoing effort to create the best possible work environment for its people.

PwC will introduce the four-day work week this summer, at a time when public debate over the matter has been gaining traction, because of how the workforce has changed following the pandemic. As we already know, the transformation of the labour market was a key theme of the World Economic Forum held in Davos the past few days.

PwC has been implementing a human-led approach over the past few years, putting its more than 1,000 employees at the centre of its activities, while adopting and applying innovative practices. The four-day week coupled with a reduction of the weekly working hours from 37 (which used to apply in the summer months) to 36, is one of the steps the organisation has taken in its effort to improve its people’s work-life balance. It should be noted that the organisation had already introduced a flexible work framework for all its employees, even before the pandemic broke out.

In statements, Partner and Chief People Officer Anna Loizou said that the organisation offers its people the flexibility to choose from where, when and how they will work, while it invests in their wellbeing. “For us, every single one of our colleagues is special. They can be an employee, a parent, a friend, an artist and whatever else they want to be, all at the same time. This is why we invest in our people; to support them not only improve their performance at work, but also their wellbeing. To this end, we apply innovative practices, such as the four-day work week throughout the summer months of July and August. In this way, our people are able to extend their weekend by one day and have more free personal time”, Mrs Loizou stressed.

As Mrs Loizou pointed out, “This innovative move will boost the flexible and hybrid work model we already have in place as an organisation, allowing each and every one of us to achieve a healthy work-life balance”.