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PwC Cyprus: Awarded for its action to enhance the wellbeing of its people

22/10/2021 11:01

The organisation received an award as part of the 2021 Good Practice Awards Competition for Occupational Health & Safety

PwC Cyprus received the 3rd award in the «2021 Good Practice Awards Competition for occupational health and safety» held by the Department of Labour Inspection. The organisation was awarded for its nomination entitled: «Providing holistic wellbeing services to enhance the physical, emotional, mental and psychological health of our people». The awards were presented by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, Mr. Andreas Zachariades, on 18 October 2021 as part of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work opening ceremony.

The award affirms the organisation’s long-standing commitment and determination to place its people at the core of its actions and operation. Under the global network’s innovative approach, PwC Cyprus has adopted the “Be Well, Work Well” programme, through which it supports its people and takes care of their wellbeing.

Under the programme, staff members receive nutritional guidance by a clinical nutritionist and are also offered physiotherapy and psychological support services by specialised professionals. Furthermore, the organisation supports the formation and operation of a number of activity clubs, including football, basketball, squash, Kung fit, bowling, classic cars, outdoor activities, e-sports and anime.

This year, emphasis was given to the planning and execution of a number of training seminars, aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of partners and senior executives of the organisation, on topics related to mental health. Through these awareness seminars, PwC Cyprus ensures that its people remain informed and up to date on mental health matters, while at the same time it promotes and enhances prevention and preparedness. The organisation also carries out a series of specialised talks and seminars covering a wide range of topics. A breathing class held by Stuart Sandeman (Breathpod), gave staff members the opportunity to learn different types of breathing techniques, and how each technique affects the way we feel, think, act and work.

Furthermore, PwC Cyprus offers all its people a complimentary, free subscription to Headspace. Headspace is an application that helps its users meditate, sleep soundly, get moving and focus better and as a result reduce their stress levels and achieve a calmer and well-balanced everyday life, both personally and professionally.

To achieve a more effective and direct communication with its people, PwC Cyprus has developed and launched an internal site, specifically for matters related to wellbeing. Through this portal, the organisation’ staff are informed in regards to matters such as health and safety issues in the workplace, wellbeing, mental health, nutrition, ergonomics, rest and recovery.

Additionally, PwC has dedicated Wellness Rooms at all its premises that can be used for breastfeeding, or for relaxation, but also to help staff escape from the working environment, even for a few minutes.

It should be noted that during the pandemic, the organisation adapted its wellbeing services so as to continue their provision to its people through a virtual environment. Commenting on the award, PwC Cyprus' CEO Mr Evgenios Evgeniou said, “It is a special honour for us, to see the values and principles that govern and guide our organisation’s action being rewarded. Our people are the driving force behind our success and our long-standing pursuit was and remains to invest in them through innovative approaches and services. The pandemic affected everyone’s daily life and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our people for the commitment they showed, but also the passion with which they continued to perform their duties, amid the difficult conditions that were created by the Covid-19 pandemic”.