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PwC signs and supports Diversity Charter Cyprus

26/01/2022 15:50

Social responsibility is at the heart of the organisation’s long-running effort to embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace

PwC Cyprus has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Diversity Charter Cyprus, as it presses on with its long-running mission to create a work environment that respects and promotes diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Charter Cyprus (DCC) is part of the EU Platform of Diversity Charters; a European Commission initiative that launched back in 2010. It is a ground-breaking initiative that offers detailed information, guidance and support, along with a strong network of local and European companies. As such, it encourages companies and other entities to develop and implement a set of diverse and inclusive policies in the workplace. It is therefore a valuable tool in the effort to fight discrimination and promote equality at work.

Given that creating a fair workplace for all is a top priority for PwC Cyprus, the organisation has been implementing an incredibly ambitious Diversity and Inclusion programme over the past eight years. The organisation’s long-running goal is to contribute in building a fairer, more inclusive society. To this end, PwC Cyprus provides its clients with support as well as the necessary tools to design their own Diversity and Inclusion programmes.

PwC Cyprus fosters a gender-balanced workplace, while it employs staff members from over 26 different nationalities. The organisation is an active member of the Shine network, an internal LGBT+ and Allies Network, which aims to support and integrate LGBT+ people, while over the past three years, it has been taking part in PwC’s EMEA Pride Week.

Cleo Papadopoulou, Partner and Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at PwC Cyprus, said: “The organisation will continue to support initiatives like the Diversity Charter Cyprus, while working methodically to ensure that all its employees have access to equal opportunities and support”.