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Record business growth and significant contribution to the economy and society of Cyprus

06/10/2022 13:29

Deloitte continues to be actively involved in contributing to the country’s economy and societal developments.

Deloitte recently reported global FY22 revenues of $59.3 billion – a 19.6% increase compared to last financial year. Additionally, global workforce expanded to more than 415,000 – a 20.3% increase. Deloitte Cyprus has also announced similar record figures for the fiscal year 2022, ending on 31 May 2022. Specifically, Deloitte Cyprus reports local revenue growth of 11.3% (€48.3 million), with contribution to the state’s revenues amounting to €16.1 million (8.1% growth compared to FY21).

The firm’s financial results were presented during Deloitte Cyprus’ Annual Partners and Directors Meeting, which was held on Wednesday 28 September. The Meeting was also attended by members of the Deloitte Middle East Executive Committee.

Equally significant is Deloitte’s initiatives for the development of its people. The firm aspires not only to attract highly qualified professionals, but most importantly to put their wellbeing on the forefront by adopting flexible and hybrid working models.  

Additionally, the company actively invests in the continuous learning and development of its professionals, offering opportunities to enhance their technical and professional skillsets and competencies. Being part of Deloitte Middle East and Deloitte North & South Europe, creates new opportunities for Deloitte Cyprus’ professionals to expand horizons, exchange know-how and advance their careers.

Deloitte is one of the country’s top employers, with a total workforce of more than 750 people in Nicosia and Limassol and a significant representation of female employees (55%). Emphasis is also placed on creating an inclusive environment with respect for uniqueness and diversity. This is, after all, what the organisation's global “ALL IN” strategy commands – a strategy that focuses on gender equality, mental health and a workplace characterised by equal opportunities to grow, develop, and succeed.

Deloitte’s societal and environmental contribution is also noteworthy. The firm is fully committed to addressing societal challenges, in order to ultimately create a better future where everyone can thrive.   

Through its WorldImpact strategy, Deloitte is focused on making a tangible impact on society's biggest challenges, and creating a more sustainable and fair world.

Staying true to its purpose “to make an impact that matters”, Deloitte continues to actively support the work of several NGOs and educational foundations and institutions, offering a total of more than €700,000 in corporate responsibility initiatives and actions. This includes the value of services provided pro bono to NGOs, support to start-ups through “ARIS” (a start-up accelerator founded by Deloitte Cyprus and the Bank of Cyprus), as well as financial and/or in-kind donations. More than 300 people from Deloitte contributed to these actions, through approximately 4,000 hours of traditional and skills-building volunteer work.

As the CEO of Deloitte Cyprus, Pieris Markou, highlights, Deloitte has a deep sense of responsibility to continue to lead by example in the professional services sector, and to continue supporting its people, as well as the society, through targeted social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.