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Road Safety Event at Pernera Elementary School with the support of CNP ASFALISTIKI

19/02/2020 15:25

«Be careful on the road, life is sweet»

The event at Pernera Elementary School, held on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, for the sixth consecutive year, marked the culmination of actions and programs aimed at educating students on Road Safety issues, an initiative of CNP ASFALISTIKI Corporate Social Responsibility with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth. The theme of the event was: "Be careful on the road, life is sweet ".

CNP ASFALISTIKI and Pernera Elementary School share the common goal of educating children on various road safety issues and in developing responsibility when using the roads so that they can enjoy with safety their outings as pedestrians, cyclists, as well as passengers. The General Manager of CNP ASFALISTIKH, Mr. Andreas C. Stylianou noted that «At the end of this project, students have the knowledge to prevent potential risks and deal with any dangers while on the road». Τhe event was also addressed by the Headmistress of Pernera Elementary School Ms. Rodoula Nikolaou, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture,Sport and Youth Ms. Rodoulla Theodorou, Inspector of Primary Educationand on behalf of the Police, Mr. Ioannis Georgiou, Police Traffic Department Manager.

With the successful completion of the Pernera Elementary School «Road Safety Adoption Program», CNP ASFALISTIKIintendsto expand its activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility,adopting other Schools for Road Safety educational programs.