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"S.O.S." is through the first week of its shooting

14/06/2019 15:09

The filming of "S.O.S." was successfully launched on Monday the 10th of June, and the first few days include cast from Cyprus: Christopher Greco,  Andreas Aroditis, Maria Loannou,  Szymon Piotr Jedrziczyc, Alena Salimianova, Constantinos Philippou, Christos Christofides, and Maria Panaseti.

The first shooting week concluded with a press conference lead by Mr Vitaly Rosset, the producer, Marianne Rosset, and actress and producer, William Baldwin and Mr George Campanellas representing Invest Cyprus. The press conference was held in St Raphael's hotel, also one of the locations for shooting the film. The conference allowed local media representatives to get more detailed information about the film, the production team and the cast.

The producers sincerely hope that this international project will greatly contribute to the expansion of the filming industry in Cyprus.