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Webinar on Women Leadership and Start-ups by European University Cyprus

08/03/2021 11:28

A webinar on Women Leadership and Start-ups was organized on 15 February 2021 by European University Cyprus’ PEAK Innovation Center. The webinar featured two entrepreneurship experts under the auspices of Mrs. Irena Lichnerowicz-Augustyn, the Ambassador of Poland and Dr. Simona Mihai-Yiannaki, Director of EUC-PEAK Innovation Center of European University Cyprus.

The two experts, Ms. Katarzyna Wierzbowska, founder and former President of the Female Entrepreneurship Foundation, the Black Swan Fund VC, and of the Women’s Business Angel Club, and Ms. Urszula Hasiec, President of Impact Foundation, shared the Polish ecosystem experience. They also emphasized the recent role of the female entrepreneurs community in Poland.

The international public participating from various European countries broadened the discussion to further areas, such as funding, real challenges and the support that women receive when developing their start-ups in Poland and abroad.