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The most exported products of domestic origin of Cyprus

22/12/2022 16:08

The main products of domestic origin exported from Cyprus in 2021 were mineral fuels and oils, pharmaceutical products, halloumi cheese, waste and scrap and potatoes, according to an infographic on foreign trade of Cyprus for year 2021, published by the Statistical Service, on Thursday.

According to the infographic, total imports of goods from EU Member States and from third countries in 2021 amounted to €8,651.7 mn while total exports were €3,373.4 mn. The trade deficit was €5,278.3 mn in 2021.

Mineral fuels and oils exports amounted to €380.4 mn, or 26.3%, pharmaceutical products were €326.9 mn, amounting to 22.6%, halloumi cheese exports amounted to €263 mn or 18.2%, waste and scrap of paper, glass, metal were up to €75.1 mn or 5.2% and potatoes exports were up to €42.1 mn, or 2.9%.

The main products imported in Cyprus in 2021 were mineral fuels and oils amounting to €1,571.7 mn or 18.2%, vessels €898.9 mn or 10.4%. Motor cars, other vehicles and parts amounted for 6.1% of all imports, with €528.3 mn, electrical machinery, devices, materials were at €517.1 mn or 6%, other machinery, boilers, appliances and their parts €497.6 mn or 5.8%.

The share of intra-EU imports for year 2021 constituted 65.1% of the total compared to 54.2% in year 2015, while extra-EU imports for year 2021 constituted 34.9% compared to 45.8% in 2015. The share of intra-EU exports for year 2021 was 27.4% compared to 40% in year 2015, while extra-EU exports for year 2021 constituted 72.6% compared to 60% in 2015.

The share of exports of domestic goods reached 42.9% of the total exports in 2021 compared to 27.6% in 2015.

The main partner countries in imports for 2021 were Greece with €2,076.3 mn, Italy with €883.7 mn, Germany with €539.4 mn, the Netherlands with €445.7 mn and China with €431.1 mn, whereas the main partner countries in exports of domestic goods were Lebanon with €257.3 mn, the United Kingdom €171.8 mn, Greece with €106.3 mn, Kenya with €66.2 mn and Israel with €64.6 mn.

The main share in imports for home consumption by economic destination consisted of consumer goods with 30.8% followed by intermediate inputs (e.g. cereals, building iron) with 29.1% and transport equipment with 22.7%. Industrial products of manufacturing origin with 40.9% constituted the main part of exports of domestically produced goods followed by industrial products of mineral origin with 29% and industrial products of agricultural origin with 23.4%.