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Trade deficit up by 23%

21/10/2021 14:56

Cyprus trade deficit amounted to €3,165.7 million for the period of January to July 2021, marking an increase of 23.3% compared with the respective period of 2020, according to data released by the Statistical Service of Cyprus (Cystat).

Total imports of goods (from EU member states and from third countries) in January - July 2021 amounted to €4,814.6 million compared with €4,327.1 mn in January - July 2020, recording an increase of 11.3%.

Total exports of goods dropped by 6.3% in January – July 2021 to (to EU Member States and to third €1,648.9 mn compared to €1,759.4 mn in the same period of 2020, Cystat added.

The European Union was the main source of supply of goods to Cyprus with a share of €3,160.5 mn corresponding to 66% of total imports, while imports from all other European countries totalled €363.6 mn in January - July 2021. Imports from the rest of the world amounted to €1,290.5 mn.

Furthermore, according to Cystat, exports to the European Union accounted for €517.6 mn, exports to all other European countries for €297.2 mn in January - July 2021, while exports to the rest of the world amounted to €834.1 mn.