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Trade deficit down

16/07/2012 13:12
According to Eurostat data released on Monday, deficit in trade balance in Cyprus recorded a drop in the first four months of 2012.

Deficit for the period January – April 2012 fell to €1.4 billion from €1.6 billion in the corresponding period of 2011.

The island’s exports rose 1% to €400 million, while its imports declined 9% to €1.9 billion.

Eurostat released figures on external trade for May 2012 but were not available for Cyprus.

The first estimate for the euro area trade in goods balance with the rest of the world in May 2012 gave a 6.9 bn euro surplus, compared with -1.2 bn in May 2011.

The first estimate for the May 2012 extra-EU27 trade in goods balance was a 3.8 bn euro deficit, compared with -14.5 bn in May 2011.