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Economy and Competitiveness Council proposes the creation of a Deputy Ministry for Climate

23/06/2022 07:40

The Cyprus Economy and Competitiveness Council is proposing the creation of a Deputy Ministry for Climate, as part of its suggestions for Green Development – Energy.

A statement from the Council has said that the proposal, made public in May, includes seven suggestions which will act as a catalyst for the long-term goals and commitments of Cyprus in relation to Green Transition. At the same time, it will support policies for a holistic approach which will contribute to reducing the cost of energy in the long term.

It suggests creating a deputy ministry for Climate, the Environment and Green Sustainability that will allow a unified adoption and monitoring of a long-term energy strategy, climate neutrality by 2050 and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) that will guide the actions towards the single goal.

It also proposes a long-term Energy strategy by 2050 to allow the Cypriot economy survive in the new global conditions of green and sustainable development.

Furthermore, it suggests upgrading the infrastructure and network of the electricity grid through greater use of renewable energy sources (RES).