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Petroleum product sales drop by 19% in 2020, amid the Covid-19 crisis

27/01/2021 15:46

Total sales of petroleum products in Cyprus dropped by an annual 18.8% in 2020 reflecting the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on economic activity, according to data published by the Statistical Service of Cyprus (Cystat).

Sales of aviation fuel dropped by 68.1%, reflecting the pandemic effects of the pandemic in air traffic while sales to ships declined by 3% year on year.
A decrease was also observed in the sales of motor gasoline (14.7%), liquefied petroleum gases (9.8%), asphalt (8.4%), gasoil low sulphur (4.9%) and gasoil (3.7%).
Conversely, an increase of 2.2% was recorded in the sales of kerosene. In 2020, the sales from filling stations have registered a fall of 8.9% to 628,878 tonnes, Cystat added.
Compared with the November 2020, total sales of petroleum products in November rose by 10.6%. An increase was recorded in the sales of light fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gases, kerosene, gasoil, motor gasoline and gasoil low sulphur.
On the contrary, a decrease was observed in the provisions of aviation kerosene and marine gasoil.
The total stocks of petroleum products at the end of December 2020 recorded an increase of 8.9% compared to the end of the previous month, Cystat added.