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StockWatch Trust Index: Trust surveys for companies

14/10/2021 07:51

StockWatch created a new information platform in 2019 by launching the StockWatch Trust Index (STI), an index measuring trustworthiness for dozens of companies.

The index is based on trust surveys conducted by StockWatch since 2013, in various fields of the economy and can be found on StockWatch webpage.

STI shows the most trusted organisations and institutions in Cyprus and it is a valuable tool for business strategy and consumer perceptions. Click here for free, to see the benefits of STI for businesses and consumers.

The index is a user friendly, free tool that ranks and compares organisations and institutions based on reliability and recommendations provided by businesses and consumers.

StockWatch Trust index measures the ten main sectors of the economy and provides the ability of evaluating and comparing ratings among companies based on public opinion surveys conducted almost every month.

STI also provides the possibility of ranking companies and organizations based on respondents’ answers to two questions - how reliable the company/institution is and whether it would be recommended to others. Answers are given on a scale of 0 to 10.

The index takes into account the deviation of each company’s rating from the average rating of the field.

The STI specialized webpage provides the ability of temporal comparisons among companies' trust index in every field, based on different variants.

The surveys cover a wide range of business sectors, including audit firms, banking, car dealers, construction, life insurance and motor insurance, medical centers, telecommunications and universities.

StockWatch conducts surveys every month with a sample size of 600 individuals or 740 companies.

Data is collected for dozens of different companies and organizations, including the major players in Cypriot economy such as five audit firms, eight banks, five medical centers, four telecommunication companies, eight universities and insurance firms among others. The surveys also evaluate various institutions and organizations.

Trust surveys are conducted by RAI Consultants on behalf of StockWatch with both households and businesses. The data is collected through telephone interviews based on the methodology of random multistage layered sampling.

Watch the new STI video on YouTube for free.