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Investor in CAIR on conditions

24/01/2012 15:23
AKEL sympathizes with the concerns of Cyprus Airways pilots on the future of the company, AKEL General Secretary, Andros Kyprianou said after his meeting with PASYPI representatives.

Mr. Kyprianou appealed to avoid unilateral actions ahead of the Finance Minister’s proposals in the future of the company while with reference to the private investor, he said that the allocation of the majority stake “depends on the conditions”.

In his statements after the meeting at the AKEL offices, Mr. Kyprianou said that his party is well aware of the issue on the basis of the memos prepared by the central committee.

“We sympathize with the concerns on the Company’s future. AKEL pledged to listen to the proposals that Finance Minister will submit”.

At the same time, he appealed to all directions in view of the proposals to avoid unilateral actions that could cause problems to the company.

“Cyprus needs a national carrier and all efforts focus on how to ensure the continuation of the Company’s operation”, he added.

On the question whether AKEL agrees with this move, Mr. Kyprianou said that they have to see what are the conditions under which the majority stake will be granted.

“What matters for AKEL is the sovereign rights of the Republic to continue to be served via any cooperation”, he said.

“It is of great importance to examine the proposals – if there are any”, he added.

PASYPI Chairman, Charalambos Tappas said that his meeting with AKEL General Secretary was constructive. “Our positions have been understood in their wide range”, he concluded.