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Avacom Net: The work stoppage is arbitrary

13/12/2007 12:54
The management of Avacom Net Public said on Thursday that the 2-hour work stoppage of its employees in the internet service on Monday, December 10 is arbitrary, illegal and against the principles that govern the labour relations. In an announcement released today, the Company said that the work stoppage was neither discussed nor announced to the Company’s management.

According to the announcement, the wages were paid on December 6, 2007 and the delay was attributable to practical reasons due to the absence of certain members of the management.

Avacom Net rejects the accusations for a downgrading in the interest and confirmed that it attempts to improve the offered services.

In an announcement released on Monday, December 10, the employees of the internet service said that there are delays in the payment of the wages on a constant basis and talked about a downgrading of the interest on behalf of the Company.