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CAIR: 140 pilots and crew to be dismissed

23/05/2012 14:21
The new strategic plan of Cyprus Airways will hit the Flying Crew Department, since of the 247 people who will become redundant, 116 are flight attendants. The plan also provides for the dismissal of 24 pilots and salary cutbacks of €17 million.

According to the plan obtained by StockWatch, salary cut will range from 5% to 19% and will be based on the earnings.

For employees receiving up to €1500 the cutback will be of 5%, for salaries from €1501 to €3000 the cutback will be of 8%, from €3001 to €5,000 of 10%, from €5001 to €7000 of 13%, from €7001 to €9000 of 16% and for salaries exceeding €9001 of 19% (on basic and price index).

The plan also provides for the reduction of the maintenance allowance of the pilots by 40% saving around €914 thousand and a decrease in the overnight allowance of the pilots that will save €111 thousand. The company will save €204 thousand from the overtimes.

More than that, €1,946 will be saved from a number of measures that change the payment of sick leaves and the reduction or abolition of a number of other benefits such as the food benefit and the allowance for the aircraft mechanics.

Based on the plan, 116 flight attendants and 24 pilots will be dismissed, as well as 25 from the catering department, 15 from the economic and commercial department and 10 from the air operations department.

More than that, 14 persons will be dismissed fro two aircrafts that have been returned to the company, 7 employees from the load department in Larnaca and 7 from the engineering and maintenance department.

Five persons will be dismissed from the staff and IT departments, two from the warehouses, one from the ground business department and one from the control department.