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CAIR: Talks with DISY

14/09/2004 11:53
At the meeting between the right-wing party DISY and the Cyprus Airways Management, the two sides evaluated the economic situation of the air carrier and the action plan for its survival and exchanged views on the dismissal of the Company’s staff.

On his statements after the meeting, DISY Deputy Chairman, Averof Neophytou said that the outcome of the talks between the party and the ministers and the Cyprus Airways Board of Directors will be reviewed and the final views of the party will be announced at a later stage.

Mr. Neophytou criticized once again the government’s acts in relation to the air carrier stressing that “ministers should not threaten with staff dismissals for a CSE-listed company”. “The government has violated fundamental rules of the corporate governance and this entails the intervention of the Securities and Exchange Commission”, he added.

Cyprus Airways Board Chairman, Constantinos Loizides expressed his satisfaction on the talks with DISY and emphasized that talks will continue with the trade unions.