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Ministers intervene in CAIR case

20/02/2006 12:22
The committee composed of the Finance and Transport Ministers, Michalis Sarris and Haris Thrasou and the Cyprus Airways Board of Directors will have a meeting latest today to evaluate the pilots’ demands, the enforcement of the action plan so far and the repercussions from the dismissal of 415 employees, StockWatch sources revealed on Monday. Same sources say that the two Ministers might attend the meeting between the Cyprus Airways management and the pilots’ leadership scheduled for tomorrow.

“The Cyprus Airways Management will continue to be in line with the main provisions of the action plan and the decisions on the payroll will not be violated. We are ready to discuss the pilots’ demands that might create prospects for further savings and requirements that will secure a future improvement in the salaries”, Messrs. Sarris and Thrasou told StockWatch.

Meanwhile, the list of the redundant staff is almost ready; At the current stage, it includes 385 members that submitted an application for withdrawal, while the company decided to abolish 10 managerial posts and the management prepared an additional list of 20 members, which will be included in the list of the 415 for a voluntary retirement from the national carrier.