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TV spots ‘bombard’ consumers

25/01/2010 06:51
According to latest AGB data, the total value of TV advertising recorded an increase of 13% to €285 million in 2009 from €252 million in 2008 and €215 million in 2007.

Market circles support that those sums include the increased time that was given as a discount to those who advertised their products and the increased number of agreements of exchange of services with newspapers and magazines.

“Of the sum of €285 million, the real advertisement hardly stands at 30%. The remaining sum is the special agreements reached between the client and the TV stations”, Chairman of Advertisers Association, Soulis Malekkos told StockWatch.

Mr. Malekkos believes that this ‘bombarding’ might not be that fruitful. “The large number of TV spots brings the opposite results. The constant ‘bombarding’ of TV spots during the breaks confuses and tires consumers”, he said.

In certain sectors, however, the sums reflect the prevailing conditions of strong competition, especially for the first aid goods. Besides, the super markets, the drinks and the food top the list of the TV spots.

“The super markets believe that TV spots are a weapon against crisis because this is a way to face the uptown super markets, which have less time for TV spots but bombard the consumers with a plethora of leaflets on a daily basis”, General Manager of Super Markets Association, Andreas Hadjiadamou told StockWatch.

According to AGB figures elaborated by StockWatch for the first 25 categories, the super markets rank first in TV spots, since in 2009 they bought TV time of €21.95 million from €17.89 million in 2008 and €14.88 million in 2007.

Super markets are followed by the credit cards spots, the value of which stood at €9.14 million against €7.06 million in 2008 and €7.27 million in 2007.

On the other hand, the size of the crisis that hit the car importers is reflected via the drop in their advertising to €4.39 million in 2009 from €8.85 million in 2008 and €10.35 million in 2007.

Similarly, the banks were ‘saved’ in the last minute by their new housing products and they anticipate for the fresh liquidity and the reheat of the demand for loans.

The value of the TV spots of the banking products reached €13 million in the past three years.