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Cyprus enters the first phase of easing its coronavirus lockdown

04/05/2020 09:36

Cyprus enters on Monday, the first phase of easing its coronavirus lockdown and restarting the economy.

The Ministries of Health and Labour have issued detailed statements on the various categories of employees who will return to work as well as the protection measures, they will take.

These include a controlled number of people entering indoor areas, the use of sanitizers, good ventilation and hygiene measures.

Employees who belong to vulnerable groups will continue working from home.

Meanwhile, both the Justice Ministry and the Police have taken the responsibility to supervise the implementation of the measures and are urging the public to adhere to the measures to prevent a coronavirus surge.

Police Chief Kypros Michaelides said the Force is concerned as there is already a kind of relaxation of the measures by the people.
“We are trying to handle the situation and be effective, mainly to secure public health”, the Police Chief said.

Michaelides said that “we are at a difficult phase and we need to intensify efforts and controls to contain people at home because we want to ensure public order and health”.

Speaking at Famagusta Police Division, he said that from tomorrow, officers from various ministries will be helping the police in the retail sector and beaches. He also said that municipality traffic wardens will also play a significant role in the easing of the lockdown measures.

He thanked all officers who participated during a teleconference meeting on Saturday during which they trained on how to perform their duties from Monday. The goal, he said is to continue working until this coronavirus phenomenon disappears," he added.