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CAIR law to be referred

18/07/2012 13:12
Communications and Works Minister, Efthimios Flourentzou recommended the referral of the law on Cyprus Airways approved by the House of Representatives, in a letter to be sent to President of the Republic.

In his statements to CNA, the Minister said that he will ask for the referral of the part falling under his Ministry’s competencies on the “open skies” policy.

At the same time, the CAIR employees will hold a meeting tomorrow to determine their next steps.

SYNYKA Chairman told the CNA about “behind-the-scenes contacts with parties and organizations”.

On the question about the outcome of those meetings, Mr. Pierides said that there are “serious concerns” about national sovereignty.

Even from the start, certain MPs talked about changes in some points.

“The referral of the law will show the diversity of the parties’ positions”, he added.

“We hope and believe that with the referral of the law by the President, certain points will be amended raising hopes for attracting serious strategic investor for CAIR”, he stressed.

As for the general meeting tomorrow, which will be attended by SYNYKA – SEK, SIDIKEK – PEO, SYPKA and ASYSEKA, it is expected to take decisions including a trade unions’ request for the referral of the law.

“At the same time, we will ask for more amendments of the bill, so that CAIR survive, such as coverage of 17 million for redundancy and implementation of the savings plan until the completion of the new plan the soonest possible”, Mr. Pierides said.

SIDIKEK-PEO General Secretary, Antonis Neophytou told the CNA that the trade unions will discuss tomorrow and will decide on pressure and protests that will pass the message that we must remove obstacles that endanger the operation of the company and the positions of employees.

“We will exercise social and political pressure on those who decide. Strike action at this time does not serve the goal of the company's survival, and thus we will avoid them”, he concluded.