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CAIR: We will not close

07/02/2012 11:47
Cyprus Airways criticized strongly all those who claim that the national carrier will close, stressing that despite difficulties, the company will continue to operate.

In its announcement, CAIR urged passengers to ignore completely irresponsible information and rumours that the national carrier of Cyprus will close soon.

“The Company, despite the problems that it faces as a result of the crisis affecting the sector of air transport on a global level, ensures that it will continue to offer its services for many more years and will remain the main protagonist of air traffic to and from our country”.

“This clarification is deemed necessary after reports by a private TV channel last night in combination with reports in the press according to which the Company is allegedly following the fate of other airlines that went bankrupt and that supposedly the appointment of a “liquidator” is a mater of time!”

“Such rumours are ungrounded, lack seriousness and serve other expediencies. At the same time, they cause confusion and doubt to the passengers intending to travel with the Company, affecting negatively the morale of its staff”.

“The Company in cooperation with its major shareholder, the state, and representatives of its private shareholders, does its best to secure not only its long-term viability but also its further growth so that it returns to profitability the soonest possible”.

“Strengthening is competitiveness is its main goal and its strategic plans move towards this direction, including the attraction of a reliable strategic investor”, it said.

“With 65 years of history, the Company is a key infrastructure for the development of tourism and the economy of Cyprus. The Management and the staff will not let this valuable asset of our country to be lost in any way”, the announcement concluded.