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Higher demand levels for hotels

13/07/2001 09:48
According to the Business Trends Survey conducted on hotels by the Statistical Service in the month of June, the proportion of hotels that consider business to be more than satisfactory exceeds those who view it as unsatisfactory by 28%, a 2% drop from 30% in June 2000. Demand levels for the month in question were higher than normal in 27% of the hotels, lower than normal for 13%, and normal according to 60% (compared to 28%, 9%, and 63% last June, respectively).

In the month in question 23% of the hotels raised their prices (compared to 30% last June) and 41% proceeded to increases in staff (compared to 32% last June).

Expected demand levels for the next three months are higher than normal according to 24% of hotels, normal for 72%, and lower than normal according to 4%.

An increase is also noted in the number of hotels that anticipate a rise in their prices in the next three months; 53% expect higher prices, compared to 47% in June 2000. Up to 18% expect to increase their employees in the coming quarter, compared to 25% in the corresponding season last year.