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Updates regarding measures at catering establishments

22/06/2021 09:35

Changes in catering establishments have been issued by the Ministry of Health, coming into effect from 1st July.

The Ministry of issued an updated protocol with changes for catering establishments providing compulsory service exclusively in table seats with a maximum number of people per table of 10 people, the opening of bars from July 1 with a distance of one meter from five people seated or standing as well as the possibility for guests to be entertained around the space of their table but maintaining the prohibition of not dancing on any stage.

The operation of restaurants, taverns, cafeterias, bars, snack bars, coffee shops, restaurants within shopping malls or restaurants, sports centres, cultural centres on the condition that individuals who  have  a negative PCR test or rapid test taken within 72 hours, have been vaccinated with at least the first dose of one of the authorised vaccines and three weeks have elapsed since the vaccination or individuals  have  been infected  with  COVID-19  in  the  last  six months and have a certificate of recovery given by the Ministry of Health.

All employees have to use a mask, as well as customers when they are entering/leaving or moving about the premises and the use of plexiglass is recommended to protect areas such as buffets, using antiseptic before self service at buffets and not remaining in the area for more than two minutes.

The Ministry also issued a protocol for camping areas used for adults and children, advising all those responsible for campgrounds to take measures and the distance between tents and caravans to be at least four meters apart from each other, campers using their own personal hygiene items and wearing masks, regular cleaning of areas and antiseptic in all public areas.