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ASP: Stake in OPT down to 11%

07/11/2008 13:50
Aspis Holdings reached an agreement with a strategic investor for the sale of 100% of the subsidiary Beira Investments Ltd against the sum of €5,656,024.

The assets of Beira Investments Ltd are 8,800,000 shares of the listed company Options Cassoulides Plc, which correspond to 18.98% of the Company’s capital.

According to the announcement, “following the completion of the deal above, there is no significant profit or loss in the Company’s books, while its strategic participation in Options Cassoulides Plc is reduced”.

“Aspis Holdings Company Ltd still believes in the prospects of Options Cassoulides Plc and, therefore, it continues to have a significant stake of 5,101,424 shares or 11.01% in the Company’s capital”, it concluded.

The initial interest of Aspis in Options Cassoulides was announced on July 20, 2007. Then, the Company had announced its 10% participation in the share capital of OPT, while a year later (on April 22, 2008) it announced the increase in its shareholding to 29%.