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Attorney General: Cement deal before CPC

07/11/2007 13:48
Attorney General, Petros Clerides told the Parliament on Wednesday that the deal between Vasiliko Cement and Cyprus Cement Company is currently before the Commission for the Protection of Competition. Invited by DISY MP, Ionas Nicolaou to state whether he could cancel the agreement, the Attorney General was negative. “The CPC requested certain clarifications by the Legal Service but it is the one to decide about the agreement”, he said.

Mr. Clerides avoided to state whether the deal is riddled since it had not been signed by the former Chairman of the Commission, Giorgos Christofides. It is worth noting that the CPC will decide on the issue at a meeting to take place on November 15.

Mr. Clerides explained why Mr. Christofides was not filed a legal action, as the Police had once recommended. “According to information, there was not sufficient evidence against Mr. Christofides and we could not file a legal action”, he said.

His statements aroused strong feelings to Mr. Nicolaou, who said that the case has been covered up.

Responding to the question raised by AKEL MP, Kypros Chrisostomides about the state fund for the protection of witnesses in penal cases and how fruitful it has been, Mr. Clerides was positive. “The fund was raised from £10,000 to £100,000, which is satisfactory. On the other hand, many witnesses are still frightened and they refuse to attend trials”, he noted.

As for the Legal Service’s budget for 2008, it is estimated at £8,220,997 against £8,818,603 in 2007.