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CAIR: SYPKA rejects the plan

10/01/2005 15:54
Flight attendants’ trade union, SYPKA, decided on Monday to reject the Labour Ministry’s conciliatory proposal for the viability of Cyprus Airways. Of the 181 SYPKA members, 179 rejected the proposal and only two voted for it. On his statements to CyBC, SYPKA Chairman, Andreas Koutourousiis said that if the Ministry proceeds to the adoption of the plan, it would be a violation of the labour code and warned that the trade unions will take dynamic measures. Transport Minister, Haris Thrasou, however, stated that the consolidation plan will be enforced even in the case that the flight attendants reject it.

Pilots’ trade union, PASYKI postponed the scheduled meeting, which will take place on Friday.

It is noted that SYNYKA-SEK and SIDIKEK-PEO have already rejected the plan.