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Critical day for CAIR

23/11/2004 11:38
Today is a critical day for Cyprus Airways, since Chairman of the Labour Ministry conciliatory service, Charalambos Kolokotronis is expected to submit to the Labour Minister, Christos Taliadoros the final proposals of the trade unions and the company.

The negotiations between the company and the trade unions lasted until late last night. Sources reveal that the company remained steady to its views on the reduction of the labour and operating cost, which will save more than £8 million.

SYNYKA – OHO – SEK, which represents the majority of the Cyprus Airways staff, submitted its proposals for the increase in productivity, rejected the request on behalf of the company to cut the salaries of its members and urged the national carrier to state whether it will proceed to additional compensations to the redundant staff.

PASYPI accepted a cutback of 3% in the salaries, the freezing of pay rises for two years and the distortion of the pay rises granted within the framework of the renewal of the union contract.

The pilots, however, have set the following preconditions: the company must keep the 12 pilots that have been dismissed as redundant staff, it must adopt the common seniority and it must stop giving its flights to other companies. Flight attendants agree with the pilots’ proposals while engineers have recommended the increase in productivity without cutting salaries.

The pilots and flight attendants are currently on a meeting for the submission of their final proposals, while a new conciliatory meeting might take place later this day under the Labour Minister, Christos Taliadoros.

It is noted that talks must resume by Friday, since the Board of Directors of the national carrier must prepare the winter flight schedule on the basis of the new agreement between the companies and the trade unions.