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Govt: Arrangements for CAIR ticket holders

09/01/2015 18:43
The ministry of Finance announced today that it will offer alternative arrangements to all passengers who have in their possession tickets of Cyprus Airways flights.

"These alternative arrangements, depending on the case, is possible to include the use of chartered airplanes, the transportation of the passenger with another airline to his/her destination either through another transit destination and/or any combination of the above, which will create the least possible disturbance in relation to the initial choices and arrangements of the passenger. The Republic will undertake fully the cost of the alternative flights and therefore the passengers will not be burdened in any way" the announcement states.

"The affected passengers of Cyprus Airways, who have arranged their travel with departure days up to and until 9/2/2015, are informed that they can immediately contact the travel agency Top Kinisis Travel Public at the national telephone number 77787878, or if they are calling from overseas at the telephone number +357 33869999, in order to arrange for the issuance of a new flight ticket. For the remaining passengers, with departure date from 10/2/2015 and onwards, a new announcement will be made in the coming days.

Additional information will be given for the arrangements that are made and/or other useful information for the passengers, on the website of the travel agency" the announcement concludes.