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Industrial commodities produced up 10.3%

11/09/2020 09:01

During 2018 the total sales of industrial commodities of Cyprus production reached €3,242.9 million compared to €2,941.0 million in 2017, registering an increase of 10.3%.

According to data released by the Statistical Service of Cyprus, the sales from local industrial units in 2018 were for halloumi cheese 32.9 thousand tonnes with value €218.4 million compared to €186.7 million in 2017.

Sales of pasteurized milk and fresh cream were 62.4 million litres with value €75.6 million, fresh fruit juice 64.2 thousand tonnes with value €388 million, prepared meat products €43.1 million, fresh bakery and pastry products €252.0 million, 41.1 million litres of beer with value €45.6 million, wines €27,6 million, 13.8 million litres of soft drinks with value €16.8 million, wearing apparel €12.0 million, pharmaceutical products and preparations €244.5 million, cement €96.9 million and ready-mixed concrete 2.4 million cubic metres with value €149.8 million.