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More resignations in CAIR

03/03/2005 13:53
After the resignation of Cyprus Airways Board member, Christos Papaellinas, Vice Chairman of the national carrier, Achilleas Kyprianou decided to submit his resignation too. Despite our efforts to contact Mr. Kyprianou, he was unavailable for comment.

In his written statement, Mr. Kyprianou said that he had not attended the critical meeting of February 22, when the Board of Directors decided to dismiss 22 flight attendants. He was later told that the national carrier would save thousands of pounds by their dismissal and the trade unions would not react strongly. “The developments showed the opposite and I have no other choice but to submit my resignation”, he stated.

According to sources, the Finance and Transport Ministers, Makis Keravnos and Haris Thrasou are not expected to state whether they accept his resignation or not today. The issue will be set before the Cyprus President, Tassos Papadopoulos, who might proceed to a radical reorganization of the Cyprus Airways Management. Same sources reveal that CAIR Chairman, Constantinos Loizides will remain to his post.