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Successful IPOs for Transbeton & A&P

12/03/2002 10:25
L.P. Transbeton Ltd. announced that the 385.714 shares of 20 cents nominal value at the issue price of 55 cents each have been allotted to the public through a public offering which took place on the 14 and 15 February 2002 and which was covered once. Shares were offered pro rata to applicants.

The company A&P (Andreou & Paraskevaides) Enterprises Ltd. announced that it received applications for all of the 5.107.000 shares of 10 cents nominal value at the price of 43 cents each offered to the public through public offering on the 22 February 2002, following approval of its application for listing of its titles on the CSE, which completely covered the said issue. From the above number of shares, 3.001.128 were allotted to the Cooperatives Investment Group Lefkoniko Ltd. which is the holding company of Lefkoniko Chrimatistiriaki Ltd., underwriters of the issue.