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Press: Alarm in Cyprus’ EEZ

06/10/2014 07:01
The daily press focuses on the Turkish provocations with Barbaros in the Cypriot EEZ. Turkey plans seismographic investigations into blocks 2,3 and 9, in which Onasagoras drilling has already started and more drillings are underway by the Italian-Korean consortium ENI-KoGas. The implementation of the Turkish announcement is obvious that it will blow up the negotiations process.

Other issues concern the first picture of the stress tests that the representatives of the Cypriot banks will have on Tuesday at their meeting with the auditors of the European Central Bank.

The “Economy” inset of newspaper “Phileleftheros” refers to the meeting of the representatives of the Cypriot banks with the auditors of the European Central Bank on Tuesday. As noted, the representatives of the Cypriot banks will have a first picture of the results of the stress tests on Tuesday and then they will be called to record the disagreements within a short time frame, which will be taken into account at the completion of the stress tests. The first meeting will be with representatives of the Cooperatives, followed by Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank.

Elsewhere the newspaper reports that according to latest figures of the Association of Insurance Companies, 53 of the 56 investment funds of the insurance companies show positive yields on an annual basis.

Other headlines:

-SEC warns for risks on CoCos

-Reclassifications in the active population of employees in the EU

-Issue of a minimum salary returns on a European basis

-Exit from the MoU is close – Nicos Christodoulides

The “Economy” inset of newspaper “Politis” refers to the estimate that Greece can exit the memoranda even at the end of the year, expressed by the Greek Prime Minister last night, at the political event of New Democracy for the 40 years since its establishment. Mr. Samaras said that in a few years Greece will be actively self-sufficient while it will not take long once it sells natural gas to Europe.

“Politis” also reports that Alpha Bank believes that the recovery of the Greek economy is based on solid foundations.

Other headlines:

-“Greece has made progress” – Economists of RWI economic institute cautiously optimistic

-France wants time – To reset the debt within the EU frameworks

-IMF – Downward forecasts for German economy

The “Economy” inset of newspaper “Simerini” reports that while the opposition parties are seeking a way to squeeze the government so as to renegotiate the memorandum , the government sends a clear message that the way things have developed, they do not strengthen either our argument or our negotiating power against the troika.

The newspaper also refers to the newspaper report on the privileges and the big salaries that certain bank officials enjoy.

The newspapers “Politis”, “Haravgi” and “Alithia” do not contain a financial inset.